About Us
Welcome to the homepage of Non-Equilibrium Working group (NEW) at RIKEN iTHEMS !
We are studying non-equilibrium physical phenomena in various energy scales/systems from an interdiciplinary point of view, since July 2021. Currently, we are working on (but not limited to) [A] Physics under strong fields, [B] Transport phenomena, and [C] Geometry and mathematical physics.

理研iTHEMSの非平衡ワーキンググループ(NEW)のホームページへようこそ。 私たちは分野横断的な視点から非平衡物理を幅広く研究しています。
2021/12/20 Seminar by Tomoki Ozawa (Tohoku)
2021/12/15 Seminar by Yusuke Yamada (RESCEU)
2021/11/25 Seminar by Ryosuke Oketani (Kyushu U.)
2021/11/15 Seminar by Naoto Nagaosa (Tokyo U. / RIKEN)
2021/10/25 Informal seminar by Yuta Sekino (RIKEN)
2021/10/25 A new paper from our group: H. Tajima, D. Oue, M. Matsuo, "Unified Description of Tunneling Transport in Ultracold Atomic Gases" (arxiv:2110.11701)
2021/10/21 A new paper from our group: H. Taya, M. Hongo, T. N. Ikeda, "Analytical WKB theory for high-harmonic generation and its application to massive Dirac electrons" (Phys. Rev. B 104, L140305 (2021) [arxiv:2105.12446])
2021/10/20 Seminar by Akihiro Yamada (Keio U.)
2021/10/15 Informal seminar by Ryo Namba (RIKEN)
2021/10/05 Informal seminar by Ryo Namba (RIKEN)
2021/09/21 A new paper from our group: K. Fujii, M. Hongo, "Effective field theory of fluctuating wall in open systems: from a kink in Josephson junction to general domain wall" (arXiv:2109.10335)
2021/09/15 Seminar by Yuta Murakami (Tokyo Tech)
2021/09/10 Seminar by Matteo Baggioli (Jiao-Tong U., Shanghai)
2021/08/30 A new paper from our group: T. Furusawa, M. Hongo, "Anomaly-induced edge currents in hydrodynamics with parity anomaly" (arXiv:2108.12192)
2021/08/10 Informal seminar by Keisuke Fujii (Heidelberg)
2021/08/05 Informal seminar by Masaru Hongo (UIC)
2021/07/29 A new paper from our group: M. Hongo, X.-G. Huang, M. Kaminski, M. Stephanov, H-.U. Yee, "Relativistic spin hydrodynamics with torsion and linear response theory for spin relaxation" (arXiv:2107.14231)
2021/07/26 Website launched!