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Welcome to the homepage of Non-Equilibrium Working group (NEW) at RIKEN iTHEMS !
We are studying non-equilibrium physical phenomena in various energy scales/systems from an interdiciplinary point of view, since July 2021. Currently, we are working on (but not limited to) [A] Physics under strong fields, [B] Transport phenomena, and [C] Geometry and mathematical physics.

理研iTHEMSの非平衡ワーキンググループ(NEW)のホームページへようこそ。 私たちは分野横断的な視点から非平衡物理を幅広く研究しています。
2023/7/1 OthersNEW ended officially.
2022/6/23 PaperT. Zhang, D. Oue, H. Tajima, M. Matsuo, H. Liang, "Spin transport between polarized Fermi gases near the ferromagnetic phase transition" arxiv:2306.13536
2022/5/19 PaperK. Fukushima, Y. Hidaka, T. Shimazaki, H. Taya, "Chiral anomaly in a (1+1)-dimensional Floquet system under high-frequency electric fields" arxiv:2305.11432
2022/5/15 PaperH. Tajima, H. Funaki, Y. Sekino, N. Yasutake, M. Matsuo, "Exploring 3P2 Superfluid in Dilute Spin-Polarized Neutron Matter" arxiv:2305.08690
2023/5/10 SeminarShun Uchino (JAEA), "Quantum transport with cold atoms"
2023/3/7 PaperS. Ishigaki, S. Nakamura, K. Takasan, "On the regularity conditions for holographic nonlinear responses: electric conductivity and friction coefficient" arxiv:2303.02633
2023/2/28 PaperD. Endo, Y. Fukazawa, M. Matsumoto, S. Nakamura, "Electric-field driven nonequilibrium phase transitions in AdS/CFT" arxiv:2302.13535
2023/2/28 SeminarMatteo Baggioli (Jiao-Tong U., Shanghai), "How to sit Maxwell and Higgs on the boundary of AdS"
2023/2/27 OthersMatteo Baggioli (Jiao-Tong U., Shanghai) will be staying at Chuo U. and RIKEN until 3/12.
2023/2/7 SeminarAndreas Dechant (Kyoto U.), "Thermodynamic inequalities: motivation, foundations, and applications"
2022/11/29 SeminarMasataka Matsumoto (Shanghai U.), "Tricritical phenomena in holographic chiral transitions"
2022/11/28 OthersMasataka Matsumoto (Shanghai U.) will be staying at RIKEN, Wako until 12/2.
2022/10/20 SeminarMinoru Eto (Yamagata U.), "Quantum nucleation of topological solitons"
2022/10/5 SeminarYusuke Nishida (Tokyo Tech), "Transport coefficients of a Bose gas in one dimension"
2022/8/17 Others3 day lecture by Jun-ichiro Kishine (Open U.) and Keisuke Fujii (Heidelberg U.) at Kobe. Details can be found here.
2022/8/04 PaperM. Matsumoto, "Tricritical phenomena in holographic chiral phase transitions" arxiv:2208.02605
2022/7/28 PaperK. Hattori, M. Hongo, X.-G. Huang, "New developments in relativistic magnetohydrodynamics" arxiv:2207.12794
2022/7/25 SeminarHiroyasu Tajima (The University of Electro-Communications), "Superconducting-like heat current: Effective cancellation of current-dissipation trade-off by quantum coherence"
2022/7/11 PaperH. Taya, Y. Yamada, "QFT approach to dressed particle processes in preheating and non-perturbative mechanism in kinematically-forbidden regime" arxiv:2207.03831
2022/6/15 SeminarYuki Fujimoto (Washington U.), "Non-Abelian vortices in two-flavor dense QCD"
2022/6/3 PaperK. Fujii, M. Hongo, T. Enss, "Universal van der Waals force between heavy polarons in superfluids" arxiv:2206.01048
2022/5/31 PaperT. Miura, Y. Akamatsu, M. Asakawa, Y. Kaida, "Simulation of Lindblad equations for quarkonium in the quark-gluon plasma" arxiv:2205.15551
2022/5/25 SeminarCatherine Beauchemin (RIKEN iTHEMS), "Equilibrium or not? Mathematical differences between acute & chronic virus infections" (* a joint seminar with Biology Study Group at RIKEN iTHEMS)
2022/5/6 PaperZ. Cao, K. Hattori, M. Hongo, X.-G. Huang, H. Taya, "Gyrohydrodynamics: Relativistic spinful fluid with strong vorticity" arxiv:2205.08051
2022/4/20 SeminarMichael Sentef (MPI Hamburg), "Light-matter control of quantum materials: From light-induced superconductivity to cavity materials"
2022/4/6 PaperT. Zhang, H. Tajima, Y. Sekino, S. Uchino, H. Liang, "Dominant Andreev Reflection through Nonlinear Radio-Frequency Transport," arxiv:2204.01356
2022/3/30 SeminarGen Tatara (RIKEN), "Hydrodynamic theory of electron and spin transport"
2022/3/10 SeminarYuto Ashida (Tokyo), "Nonperturbative cavity/waveguide quantum electrodynamics and dissipative quantum phase transition"
2022/3/2 PaperA. Fedotov, A. Ilderton, F. Karbstein, B. King, D. Seipt, H. Taya, G. Torgrimsson, "Advances in QED with intense background fields," arxiv:2203.00019
2022/2/15 SeminarTakumi Hayashi (Tokyo/RESCEU), "False vacuum decay in the Lorentzian path integral"
2022/2/10 PaperT. N. Ikeda, S. Tanaka, Y. Kayanuma, "Floquet-Landau-Zener interferometry: Usefulness of the Floquet theory in pulse-laser-driven systems," arxiv:2202.04973
2022/2/1 PaperM. Hongo, X.-G. Huang, M. Kaminski, M. Stephanov, H.-U. Yee, "Spin relaxation rate for heavy quarks in weakly coupled QCD plasma," arxiv:2201.12390
2022/1/26 PaperM. Hongo, D. T. Son, "Universal Properties of Weakly Bound Two-Neutron Halo Nuclei," arxiv:2201.09912
2022/1/20 SeminarTomohiro Tanogami (Kyoto), "A simple XY model for cascade transfer"
2022/1/18 PaperM. Matsumoto, S. Nakamura, "Current-induced inverse symmetry breaking and asymmetric critical phenomena at current-driven tricritical point," arXiv:2201.06894
2021/12/24 PaperS. Ishigaki, S. Kinoshita, M. Matsumoto, "Dynamical stability and filamentary instability in holographic conductors," arXiv:2112.11677
2021/12/20 SeminarTomoki Ozawa (Tohoku), "Quantum metric of topological and non-topological insulators in AMO and other systems"
2021/12/15 SeminarYusuke Yamada (RESCEU), "Cosmological particle production as Stokes phenomena"
2021/11/25 SeminarRyosuke Oketani (Kyushu U.), "Imaging Theory of Optical Microscopy: Basic to Super Resolution"
2021/11/15 SeminarNaoto Nagaosa (Tokyo U./RIKEN), "Geometry in optical responses of quantum materials"
2021/10/25 SeminarYuta Sekino (RIKEN), "Optical spin conductivity" (informal seminar)
2021/10/25 PaperH. Tajima, D. Oue, M. Matsuo, "Multiparticle tunneling transport at strongly correlated interfaces," arxiv:2110.11701
2021/10/21 PaperH. Taya, M. Hongo, T. N. Ikeda, "Analytical WKB theory for high-harmonic generation and its application to massive Dirac electrons," arxiv:2105.12446
2021/10/20 SeminarAkihiro Yamada (Keio U.), "Floquet vacuum engineering: laser-driven chiral soliton lattice in the QCD vacuum"
2021/10/15 SeminarRyo Namba (RIKEN), "Particle production in the early Universe II" (informal seminar)
2021/10/05 SeminarRyo Namba (RIKEN), "Particle production in the early Universe I" (informal seminar)
2021/9/21 PaperK. Fujii, M. Hongo, arXiv:2109.10335
2021/9/15 SeminarYuta Murakami (Tokyo Tech), "High-harmonic generation in strongly correlated systems"
2021/9/10 SeminarMatteo Baggioli (Jiao-Tong U., Shanghai), "Towards a description of amorphous solids and viscoelastic materials using effective field theory and holographic methods"
2021/8/30 PaperT. Furusawa, M. Hongo, arXiv:2108.12192
2021/8/10 SeminarKeisuke Fujii (Heidelberg), "Fugacity-expansion approach for transport coefficients" (informal seminar)
2021/8/05 SeminarMasaru Hongo (UIC), "Derivation of spin hydrodynamics" (informal seminar)
2021/7/29 PaperM. Hongo, X.-G. Huang, M. Kaminski, M. Stephanov, H-.U. Yee, arXiv:2107.14231
2021/7/26 OthersWebsite launched!